Architectural Iron Finishes

At Deep South Ironworks, our architectural iron adds elegance and beauty to any residential or commercial property. To ensure a lasting beautiful finish, we highly recommend a powder coat finish, the cost of which is typically included in our quote.

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Powder Coating

Powder coating is very popular. At Deep South Ironworks we work with a local finish expert who ensures that every piece is both blasted and primed prior to the finish coat. This final coat process uses a mixture of finely ground pigments and resin to provide a lasting finish. Your raw iron is fabricated, sand blasted, primed and electrically charged. The coating is applied by spraying the mixture to the charged surface of the iron, uniformly coating the surface. Heat fuses the coating to the iron during the baking process which provides a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish. Powder coating costs a little more and takes a little longer, but we believe it is the best option and resists chipping, scratching and fading.


If specifically asked to do so, we will provide the Iron in a painted finish or primed and ready for your painter’s specialty coat such as patina or gold leaf.

Galvanizing and Patination

If you like the look of raw iron but don’t like rust, have your wrought iron pieces galvanized. Hot-dip galvanizing coats the metal with zinc, a shiny metal finish that is resistant to rust. Many people like the look of metal patina, the natural aging of metal, but don’t like the rust that develops over time. One way to prevent the occurrence of rust is to have the wrought iron oxidized prior to forging. Oxidizing provides a controlled patina process that prevents rust as the metal ages.